Corona Virus Q&A Click on Audio File: COVID_3_25_2020.m4a

Date – March 24th

Time – 8PM to 9PM EST



  1. Intro & Brief History of COVID-19, Concerns & Significance by Dr Sharmila Shetty, Medical Epidemiologist, CDC

  2. Presentation of Symptoms, Where to seek help, Resources for information by Dr Balnath Bhandary, Internal Medicine 

  3. Testing & Complications, Available Treatments by Dr Safal Shetty, Pulmonologist, Sleep/Internal Medicine

  4. Complications on the older than 50 age group & precaution & reassurance by Dr Hemen Padhiar, Internal Medicine 

  5. Diabetes & Corona Virus by Dr Archana Shetty, Endocrinologist 

  6. Cardiac Complications by Dr Rajendra Shetty, Cardiologist

  7. Preventive Measures & Possible Outcomes by Dr Sharmila Shetty, Medical Epidemiologist, CDC

  8. Q&A


Moderated By Mr Shirish Shetty, BANA President


Hosted By – Atlanta BANA