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President's Letter

A Letter from the BANA 2021 President, Shirish Shetty


Dear Members of the BANA Community

ATLANTA BANA 2021 is now officially on the clock.
Welcome to all our BANA Community members. Your Team in ATLANTA is very privileged to lead this prestigious community for the next 2 years and we look forward to hosting the 2021 convention.
I would like to thank the NYC BANA2019 committee members for hosting a fantastic convention. It will be hard to match it, but we will try to do our best at ATL BANA2021.
I am Shirish Shetty and I will be your BANA President. I came to the US from India, in 1988. Atlanta has been home since 1998. My family includes my beautiful wife Sandhya, and my two children. My daughter, Ariyana, is a sophomore at Georgia Tech, and my son, Aatish, is a senior at Lambert High School.
I am pleased to announce the Atlanta executive team who will be leading BANA, along with me. 
President:          Shirish Shetty
Vice President:  Prem Shetty
Vice President:  Krish Shetty
Secretary:          Anita Shetty
Secretary:         Abhijeet Shetty
Secretary:         Nuthan Shetty 
Treasurer:          Pranithi Shetty
Youth Rep:        Sanjana Ballal
Website:           Nischit Shetty
Membership:     Suchith Hegde
For the next 2 years we plan to build upon some initiatives and partnerships which the NY BANA team has started. On the lines of Tulu Online classes, our plan is to periodically come out with Online Bunt Cooking classes, which would highlight some of the traditional and iconic dishes of the Bunt cuisine.
We also plan to work on some value-added services as an incentive to being (or becoming) a BANA member. For this to be realistic at a national level, we need to work on increasing our membership count. I would request each one of you to try to help bring in new membership. In the coming weeks our Atlanta team will reach out to Regional Representatives to see how we can make this happen.
Team Atlanta is looking forward to the next two years and to welcoming you all to our city for ATL BANA2021.
Shirish Shetty


Tulu Class


BANA Tulu Language Lesson 2

In lesson 2, we are discussing times of day. The lesson is once again taught by Saumya Shetty and features Ashish Shetty, Nandan Shetty and Ram Hegde as students. Sarah Myers co-wrote the lesson and exercises, and the video was shot and edited by Henry Willette and Renuka Ballal.


These lessons will be posted on BANA's Youtube page as they are ready, and will also exist on Please download the lesson exercise as well, to further practice.


As these lessons are a new endeavor, we will surely have room to improve. Please let us know what is working and what could be better by writing to us. Letting us know particular topics or vocabulary that you'd like us to cover would be helpful as well. Thank you!

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